Thera Quick

December 3, 2013

Dear current and prospective TheraQuick customers,

We at StarQuick Solutions are excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement with TherapyNotes LLC to offer TheraQuick customers an upgrade path into the online practice management system. We are also referring prospective customers looking for a top-notch mental health practice management system to, since we are no longer selling new licenses for TheraQuick.

TherapyNotes is a web-based system that offers many of the features that TheraQuick customers have been asking for, in addition to the same core features found in TheraQuick. Because of the similarities between the systems, we decided it would be more productive to combine efforts and continue development in one product rather than remain two separate, but similar products. We chose TherapyNotes because it offers exceptional ease-of-use, a robust clinical notes system, and excellent customer service. As a web-based system, with TherapyNotes you don't need to install software, worry about securing or backing up your database, and you can access your records from anywhere on Macs, Windows, and iPads. TherapyNotes also enables you to view your clinical calendar within your usual calendar application such as iCal or Outlook.

The changes in CMS-1500 forms required in January 2014 are already in place in TherapyNotes, and TherapyNotes is committed to supporting the new ICD-10 codes required by October 2014. TheraQuick will not be supporting these changes or releasing further updates, therefore we recommend that customers start preparing for the transition to

The TherapyNotes team will migrate as much data as feasible from TheraQuick into TherapyNotes for you. They are also working to bring any features unique to TheraQuick into TherapyNotes with the goal of eventually combining the best of the TheraQuick features into TherapyNotes.

We encourage all of our current and prospective customers to visit and to start an account with a free trial period. Be sure to also contact TherapyNotes so they can answer your questions about the system and assist you with the conversion process.

With Best Regards,

Dale Stuart, CEO of StarQuick Solutions, Inc.

Update from Dale Stuart from January 2016:
TheraQuick sales ended December 2013, and support ended July 2014. If you are still maintaining data in your TheraQuick file, be aware that certain external resources that TheraQuick uses to perform selected functions may eventually become unavailable and TheraQuick may not remain fully operational or compatible with your other software updates. We therefore encourage you to switch to an alternative product. The wonderful team at can export your data from TheraQuick and transfer most of it into